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Citrus fruit biology, technology and evaluation

Milind S Ladaniya ;

Amsterdam ; Boston ; London : Academic 2008

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  • Title:
    Citrus fruit biology, technology and evaluation
  • Author: Milind S Ladaniya
  • Subjects: Citrus fruits; Citrus fruit industry; Electronic books
  • Contents: FRONT COVER; CITRUS FRUIT; COPYRIGHT PAGE; CONTENTS; PREFACE; ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS; Chapter 1 Introduction; I. Citrus Fruit Production and Prospects; II. Postharvest Overview; III. Conclusion; References; Chapter 2 Commercial Fresh Citrus Cultivars and Producing Countries; I. Citrus Cultivars for Fresh Fruit Market; A. Sweet Orange; B. Mandarin; C. Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi Macfadyen); D. Pummelo or Shaddock (C. grandis or C. maxima); E. Hybrids of Pummelo and Grapefruit; F. Lemon (Citrus limon); G. Acid Lime; H. Sweet Lime (Citrus limettioides Tanaka); I. Citron (Citrus medica Lin.)
    J. Calamondin (Citrus madurensis Loureiro)K. Natsudaidai (Citrus natsudaidai Hayata); L. Hassaku (Citrus hassaku Tanaka); M. Kumquat (Fortunella spp.); N. Bael (Aegle marmelos (L.) Correa.); II. Countries, Varieties Grown, and Harvesting Seasons; A. Northern Hemisphere; B. Southern Hemisphere; References; Chapter 3 Postharvest Losses; I. Mandarins; A. 'Nagpur' Mandarin; B. 'Coorg' Mandarin; C. 'Khasi' Mandarin; II. Acid Lime; III. Sweet Orange and Grapefruit; IV. Measures to Reduce Losses; References; Chapter 4 Preharvest Factors Affecting Fruit Quality and Postharvest Life; I. Orchard Health
    A. Diseases That Affect Fruit Quality in the FieldB. Insect-Pests and Mites; II. Tree Nutrition and Cultivation Practices; III. Preharvest Sprays; A. Auxins; B. Gibberellins; C. Other Chemicals; D. Ethephon and Other Chemicals for Fruit Color Improvement; E. Fungicides; IV. Climatic Factors; References; Chapter 5 Fruit Morphology, Anatomy, and Physiology; I. Fruit Morphology; A. Fruit Characteristics; II. Fruit Anatomy; III. Fruit Physiology; A. Respiratory Activity; B. Biochemistry of Respiration; C. Transpiration; D. Role of Ethylene; E. Color Development and Regreening; F. Fruit Abscission
    G. Fruit Hormonal BalanceReferences; Chapter 6 Fruit Biochemistry; I. Carbohydrates; A. Monosaccharides; B. Oligosaccharides; C. Sugar Derivatives; D. Changes in Sugars during Fruit Growth and Storage; E. Polysaccharides; F. Changes in Polysaccharides during Fruit Growth and Maturation; II. Organic Acids; A. Changes in Organic Acids During Fruit Growth and Maturation; B. Physiological Role of Organic Acids; III. Nitrogenous Compounds; A. Amino Acids; B. Amines; C. Proteins; D. Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids; IV. Enzymes; A. Polysaccharides and Pectic Enzyme Complex
    B. Sugar Metabolizing EnzymesC. Other Important Enzymes; V. Lipids, Waxes, and Other Related Compounds; A. Cutin; B. Waxes; C. Terpenoids and Steroids; VI. Pigments; VII. Phenols, Flavonoids, and Limonoids; A. Phenols; B. Flavonoids; C. Limonoids; VIII. Vitamins; IX. Inorganic Constituents; X. Citrus Oils and Volatile Flavoring Compounds; A. Tangerine and Mandarin; B. Orange; C. Grapefruit and Pummelo; D. Lemon; E. Lime; F. Other Citrus and Related Fruits; References; Chapter 7 Growth, Maturity, Grade Standards, and Physico-Mechanical Characteristics of Fruit; I. Citrus Fruit and Climate
    II. Growth and Development
  • Edition: 1st ed..
  • Publisher: Amsterdam ; Boston ; London : Academic
  • Creation Date: 2008
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (593 p.).
  • Language: English
  • Identifier: ISBN1-281-11192-9;ISBN9786611111922;ISBN0-08-055623-X
  • Source: 01GALI USG ALMA
  • OCLC Number: 437197002
  • NZ MMS ID: 9913732228802931

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