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Proceedings of the Smithsonian Marine Science Symposium / edited by Michael A. Lang, Ian G. Macintyre, and Klaus Rützler.

Smithsonian Marine Science Symposium (2007 : Washington, D.C.) Michael A Lang

Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press 2009

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  • Title:
    Proceedings of the Smithsonian Marine Science Symposium / edited by Michael A. Lang, Ian G. Macintyre, and Klaus Rützler.
  • Author: Smithsonian Marine Science Symposium (2007 : Washington, D.C.)
  • Michael A Lang ; Ian G Macintyre ; Klaus Rützler ; Smithsonian Institution. Office of the Under Secretary for Science.
  • Subjects: Marine sciences -- Congresses; Marine sciences; Marine science;
    Conference papers and proceedings
  • Contents: Overview of Smithsonian Marine Science. Introduction to the Smithsonian Marine Science Network / Michael A. Lang ; Land-Sea Interactions and Human Impacts in the Coastal Zone / Anson H. Hines ; Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce : Thirty-Eight Years of Research on the Marine Biodiversity of Florida / Valerie J. Paul [and others] ; Caribbean Coral Reef Ecosystems : Thirty-Five Years of Smithsonian Marine Science in Belize / Klaus Rützler ; The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute : Marine Research, Education, and Conservation in Panama / D. Ross Robertson [and others] -- Marine Biodiversity, Evolution, and Speciation. Protandric Simultaneous Hermaphroditism Is a Conserved Trait in Lysmata (Caridea: Lysmatidae) : Implication for the Evolution of Hermaphroditism in the Genus / J. Antonio Baeza ; Reconciling Genetic Lineages with Species in Western Atlantic Coryphopterus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) / Carole C. Baldwin [and others] ; Recent Insights into Cnidarian Phylogeny / Allen G. Collins ; Biodiversity and Abundance of Sponges in Caribbean Mangrove : Indicators of Environmental Quality / Maria Cristina Diaz, Klaus Rützler ; Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 (ITS2) Variation in the Gorgonian Coral Pseudopterogorgia bipinnata in Belize and Panama / Daniel Dorado, Juan A. Sánchez ; Obvious Invaders and Overlooked Infauna : Unexpected Constituents of the Decapod Crustacean Fauna at Twin Cays, Belize / Darryl L. Felder [and others] ; Imposex in One of the World's Busiest Shipping Zones / Carter Li, Rachel Collin ; Shorefishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Online Information System / D. Ross Robertson ; Nephasoma pellucidum : A Model Species for Sipunculan Development? / Anja Schulze, Mary E. Rice ; Mitochondrial Phylogeography of the Intertidal Isopod Excirolana braziliensis on the Two Sides of the Isthmus of Panama / Renate Sponer, Harilaos A. Lessios ; Stability and Change in the Indian River Area Bryozoan Fauna over a Twenty-Four Year Period / Judith E. Winston.
    Biogeography, Invasive Species, and Marine Conservation. The Turtles' Tale : Flagships and Instruments for Marine Research, Education, and Conservation / John G. Frazierian ; Latitudinal Gradients in Recruitment and Community Dynamics in Marine Epifaunal Communities : Implications for Invasion Success / Amy L. Freestone, Richard W. Osman, Robert B. Whitlatch ; Ex Situ Culture of Caribbean and Pacific Coral Larvae Comparing Various Flow-Through Chambers / Mary Hagedorn [and others] ; Worldwide Diving Discoveries of Living Fossil Animals from the Depths of Anchialine and Marine Caves / Thomas M. Iliffe, Louis S. Kornicker ; Decimating Mangrove Forests for Commercial Development in the Pelican Cays, Belize : Long-Term Ecological Loss for Short-Term Gain? / Ian G. Macintyre [and others] ; Using the Panama Canal to Test Predictions about Tropical Marine Invasions / Gregory M. Ruiz, Mark E. Torchin, Katharine Grant ; Ciguatera Fish Poisoning in the Caribbean / Patricia A. Tester [and others] -- Forces of Ecological Change in Marine Systems. History of Reef Coral Assemblages on the Rhomboid Shoals of Belize / Richard B. Aronson [and others] ; Climate and Hydrological Factors Affecting Variation in Chlorophyll Concentration and Water Clarity in the Bahia Almirante, Panama / Rachel Collin [and others] ; Nutrient and Chlorophyll Dynamics in Pacific Central America (Panama) / Luis D'Croz, Aaron O'Dea ; Growth and Nutrient Conservation in Rhizophora mangle in Response to Fertilization along Latitudinal and Tidal Gradients / Ilka C. Feller [and others] ; Underwater Spectral Energy Distribution and Seagrass Depth Limits along an Optical Water Quality Gradient / Charles L. Gallegos [and others] ; Interannual Variation in Gelatinous Zooplankton and Their Prey in the Rhode River, Maryland / Eileen S. Graham [and others] ; Patterns of Water Quality and Movement in the Vicinity of Carrie Bow Cay, Belize / Karen H. Koltes, Thomas B. Opishinski ; Global Change and Marsh Elevation Dynamics : Experimenting Where Land Meets Sea and Biology Meets Geology / J. Adam Langley [and others] ; Herbivory, Nutrients, Stochastic Events, and Relative Dominances of Benthic Indicator Groups on Coral Reefs : A Review and Recommendations / Mark M. Littler [and others] ; Impacts of Human Disturbance on Soil Erosion Potential and Habitat Stability of Mangrove-Dominated Islands in the Pelican Cays and Twin Cays Ranges, Belize / Karen L. McKee, William C. Vervaeke ; An Overview of Symbiont-Bleaching in the Epiphytic Foraminiferan Sorites dominicensis / Susan L. Richardson ; New Perspectives on Ecological Mechanisms Affecting Coral Recruitment on Reefs / Raphael Ritson-Williams [and others] ; Do Indian River Lagoon Wetland Impoundments (Eastern Florida) Negatively Impact Fiddler Crab (Genus Uca) Populations? / Bjorn G. Tunberg ; Dynamic Hydrology of a Mangrove Island : Twin Cays, Belize / Daniel W. Urish [and others] ; Ecological Characteristics of Batis maritima in Florida and Belize / Dennis F. Whigham [and others] ; Sponge Community Dynamics on Caribbean Mangrove Roots : Significance of Species Idiosyncrasies / Janie L. Wulff.
  • Publisher: Washington, D.C. : Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press
  • Creation Date: 2009
  • Physical Description: viii, 529 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 28 cm.
  • Language: English
  • Source: 01GALI USG ALMA
  • OCLC Number: 427704434
  • NZ MMS ID: 9910069105702931
  • IZ MMS ID: 991127843402933$$IASU

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